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Color Communication

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Color plays a vitally important role in our lives. It can change our moods, make a statement or attract different energies. With so much color to choose from in fashion this summer, here are some color ideas to think about when selecting your wardrobe, jewelry and accessories.

Coco Chanel said “BLACK has it all.” We agree. We love black in all seasons. It’s the ultimate ‘power’ color and can be considered both competitive and intimidating, but also sexy and alluring. Tired of black? Choose GOLD. It relates to absolute authority, perfection, self-esteem and self-confidence, wealth and luxury. When you pair black and gold together, look out!

Want to project sophistication? Wear SILVER, the ultimate color of justice and purity. GRAY works too, relating to formality, knowledge, inner-wisdom, insight and reflection.

Needing to communicate clearly? Wear BLUE. Crisp, clean and refreshing, blue represents optimism, wisdom, patience and auspicious opportunities. It is calming and instills gentleness, thoughtfulness and composure.

Needing some balance in your life? Wear GREEN for balance, stability, and growth or BROWN for practicality.

And if you are feeling playful and want to attract happiness, wear any shade of PINK, the color of femininity, love, affection, and joy.

Want to amp up your sex life? Go with ORANGE or RED. ORANGE has the ability to stimulate and arouse the senses and symbolizes self-expression, enthusiasm, and passion. ORANGE also encourages energy, activity, incentive and motivation. RED is an exciting color that embodies vitality, fun, ambition and achievement. RED gives off a high energy vibration that has been found to raise the blood pressure and stimulate the senses.

Need inspiration? Wear PURPLE.  It resonates with royalty, nobility, mysticism, dignity, integrity, creativity and inspiration,and PRINCE!

Need a boost of confidence? Wear YELLOW. It's associated with optimism, confidence, cheerfulness. It is a reviving and revitalizing color that is the first in the solar spectrum for maximum brightness and luminosity.

Want to project peace and relaxation? Wear WHITE, a combination of all colors within the light spectrum, it is associated with goodness, perfection, purity, innocence, truth, faith.


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